Support the project#

The Binder community gets support from many different people and in many different forms. This page describes the kinds of support that Binder receives, as well as how you can support the Binder project.

Donate funds

Provide a financial contribution to our cloud operations and development fund. This is administered by NumFocus and is used to pay for the cost of developing, operating, and paying the cloud bill for Binder.

Donate cloud credits

If you are a cloud provider, or have credits that can be donated to run’s infrastructure, please send us an email about making a donation of cloud infrastructure.

Join our team

If you or your organization have cloud infrastructure and engineering skills, we would love you to join our team of Cloud Federation operators. Open an issue in our Team Compass to learn more.

The Binder Project is supported by an open community of collaborators, as well as by many organizations. See below for a list of our supporting team members and institutions.

Our major costs#

In addition to developing and maintaining the many open source tools built by this project, we also have a few extra costs:

  • Cloud expenses for The service at serves tens of thousands of sessions each week, each of which run in the cloud. We pay for this infrastructure via donations of credits and money from the community.

  • Personnel to operate Running a heavily-used and complex cloud service requires expertise in cloud infrastructure development and operation. We receive in-kind contributions from several individuals and organizations to help us sustain these operations.

Join our team#

There are many ways that you can contribute to the Binder project, and the Binder community welcomes any and all contributions that others are willing to give.

To get started contributing, check out the JupyterHub Team Compass guide to contributing.

Here are a few ways that you can begin contributing to the Binder project as an individual.

Contribute to the Binder documentation#

This repository is a “meta-repository” for the Binder user documentation. If you notice anything missing, or feel that it could be improved, please open an issue to discuss.

Check out the documentation contribution guide for more information.

Contribute to the codebase of the Binder Project#

Most of the code used by the Binder Project is not hosted in this repository. If you’d like to contribute to the code, check out Our open source projects.