This page displays several graphics that give an idea for the current status of the service. You can find a more complete set of graphs the reflect the current state of at


If you notice an outage or strong degradation of service at, please reach out to the Binder team at the Binder gitter channel!

Federation status#

The following table lists BinderHub deployments in the federation, along with the status of each. For more information about the BinderHub federation, who is in it, how to join it, etc, see the mybinder federation page.



Docker registry

JupyterHub API

User/Build Pods


Running Binder sessions#

The total number of user sessions running on Binder.

Binder launch success#

The percentage of new user sessions that successfully launched. If you see a dip that sustains itself over time, please alert the Binder team at the Binder gitter channel.

Launch time percentiles#

The amount of time it takes for a Binder session to successfully launch. Note that if a Docker image for a repository is not on a node, the launch time takes much longer.

Site Reliability Goals#

As is a research pilot project, the main goal for the project is to understand usage patterns and workloads for future project evolution. While we strive for site reliability and availability, we want our users to understand the intent of this service is research and we offer no guarantees of its performance in mission critical uses.

We are still working on defining what the exact goals for uptime and reliability should be.


The team can always use more help in maintaining the BinderHub deployment that runs this site. If you’re interested in getting involved, or have any thoughts or suggestions, please reach out to us on our Gitter channel.

Site metrics#

Below are two key reliability metrics that give an idea for the health of the deployment. Note that you can find many more metrics about the deployment at