Usage Guidelines

This page details some guidelines and policies that we follow at

When in doubt, open an issue

If you’re not sure whether your use-case is reasonable for, don’t hesitate to open an issue to ask if your planned usage is OK.

Temporary Banning

Temporary banning means that will stop building / serving Binder sessions for a given repository. This usually happens because of some undesired behavior with the repository. Some examples of behavior that could result in temporary banning include:

  • A large, unexpected spike in traffic that persists over time.

  • Sessions that routinely use a large amount of CPU.

  • Sessions that attempt to perform a lot of outgoing networking traffic.

The team uses the following workflow in discussing / deciding when to temporarily ban a repository:

  • An issue is created to document why a repo (or group of repos) is being banned

  • A PR that implements the ban is opened

  • A “bans” tag notes any PRs that created a ban

  • The issue stays open until the ban is lifted

If you are temporarily banned, contact us on the Gitter Channel or Open an Issue to discuss how to un-ban the repository.

Running events with

If you’d like to run an event with and expect more than 100 users to join at once, please request an increase in quota for your repository.

The Binder Team occasionally increases the number of sessions that can run for a single repository if it is being used for purposes that align with the mission of the Binder Project. However, there is no guarantee that this will be done for your event.

Maximum Concurrent Users for a Repository

We don’t want a single repository to dominate all of the traffic to Binder, so we’ve set a maximum limit of concurrent user sessions that point to the same Binder link. The maximum number of simultaneous users for a given repo is 100. If you think you have a really good reason for why this number should be higher, please Open an Issue. to discuss with the community!

Using as backend for your service

A note on for-profit services

Please do not use as backend for your for-profit service or product.

The cloud resources consumed by are funded through donations or grants. Because of this we can not subsidise for-profit products or services by offering free cloud resources to them. This means we will prevent you from using as a service for your product.

Operating relies on the good will of volunteers and organisations to obtain the resources required to do so. This is easier if we are not seen as supporting for-profit services that are not a net contributor to the service.

You may be considering using as a part of your service or product. We think that is great, and encourage people to experiment with using Binder technology as a part of their tools.

However, depending on the size and consistency of traffic being directed at, we may restrict your usage of the service in order to avoid being overloaded by a single user / organization. This is particularly true for services that trigger many repository builds.

In general, please be respectful of the Binder Project’s limited resources. Do not forget that it has no dedicated funding and runs entirely on donations of cloud resources. If you have a question about this, please Open an Issue.

Reporting Abuse

If you’d like to report any abuse of the service, please click here to send an abuse report.